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Marco Boats is a designer and manufacturer of high quality aluminium boats. You can order a boat from the range that suits your boating experience, or you can order a custom boat fitted out according to you specialised needs.


Marco Boats offers a wide range of high quality aluminium boats, from 4.8 to 9m+ that are suited to both family boating & serious fishing. Marco Boats is constantly developing new ideas to ensure that they stay at the cutting edge of alloy boat manufacturing.


Marco Boats is also able to help with all aluminium repairs, custom alterations and fabrication work.


Whether you are adding to your current boat, ordering a new boat or simply seeking some good advice…


Contact Marco Boats today.


The Marco Boats Guarantee

·        We will tell you what you need to know

·        We will give you the time to come to your own decision

·        We will make sure differences are explained to you in a way you understand


As well as refining the features of the boats, we are also improving the quality & safety and are members of the CPC program.




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Looking for Huge Fishing Space from a Boat under 5m?

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New Addition To The Range 800 HardTop

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400 Tiller Dory
440 Angler Dory
440 Tiller Dory
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480 Tiller Dory
480 Thresher Dory
480 Thresher
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520 Angler
550 Striker
570 Angler
570 Striker
570 Thesher
600 Angler
600 Centre Console
600 Sou’Wester
600 Striker
600 Walkaround
650 Centre Console
650 Souwester
650 Walkaround
700 Centre Console
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700 Walkaround
760 Sou’Wester
880 HardTop

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570 Striker

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Marco Boats is a commercial business dedicated to the design, manufacture, sale and repair of customised aluminium fishing boats. The contents of the site are made available to help customers make the best choice when buying their next boat. To ensure you make the best selection please use the enquiry form to discuss your needs with a Marco Boats representative.